“As tender as you'd expect, delicious acoustics and a voice that is so soft it almost levitates. It's homespun and airy, like Stina Nordenstam but with a bit more activity near the surface. This says so much by saying so little. A gem.” |mp3hugger

"A charming coming-of-age folk record, Woodland Voices invites listeners into a journey of self-discovery. Throughout the record, Murray is unflinchingly honest with herself and others." |Good Times, Santa Cruz

"Her words sit in direct competition with society's obsession with instant gratification, with the shiny and the shallow. Across 'Fallen Branches' Murray sings of the search for authenticity, a theme that runs throughout her album... Throughout Woodland Voices she proves to be a talented wordsmith, painting vivid pictures without the need to resort to cliche."  |When The Gramophone Rings
"With a unique and personal twist on folk songwriting and a luscious vocal-heavy approach, Kathleen's style is truly emerging." |Andy Zenczak, Gadgetbox Studios



When the Gramophone Rings (2015) 

The Music Brew (2015)

The Revue (2015) 

Ben Cisco's World of Music (2014) 

Ladywood Music (2014) 

The Autumn Roses (2015)

Good Times Weekly, Santa Cruz (2014)